FAQ & Disclaimers

Session Related Questions

Q: I called and you didn’t answer your phone why is that?

A: Generally speaking if you are contacting me first by phone, there could be a myriad of reasons that I was unable to pick up. If you leave a detailed message when I can contact you or send me a text message. If you leave a Voicemail Please let me know when I can call you back. I don’t want to disturb you when you might not be in the position to talk. I receive a high volume of calls, some of these are not serious and I like to be able spend time with those who are serious. Contacting me by email, text message, or filling out my contact form are some other ways you can get a hold of me. I am also busy so I can’t stop and respond to every call.

This leads me to my next point those who call and leave no message are truly not interested in spending time with me. This usually means that there will be explicit conversations or just someone looking for someone to talk to. Although I am happy to engage in conversation. I do not have time to just talk, nor do I feel as though I need to tell you what to expect. I understand that there is switch and bait. I have several reviews that give a good idea of my services.

So if you are interested please leave a detailed message and when is the best time to call you back. If the message is inappropriate do not expect me to return your call. When I receive your message I will get back to you in a timely matter.

Q: What is the best method of contacting you?

A: The best way to contact me is text, email and or filling out my appointment form on my website. These three methods are usually the most reliable. It is not always easy for me to pick up the phone to talk for discretion purposes both mine and yours.... If your email is inappropriate in any way, they are discarded! I expect you to be a respectful gentleman. Donations are for my time and at no time will there be any solicitation of services. I enjoy meeting polite and courteous gentleman who enjoy the company of a classy upscale lady....

Q: Where are you located in Salt Lake City?

A: I prefer to not discuss where I am. Sometimes I travel and may not be in town when you want to see me. To speed up the process if you email me and provide me with two references or some other way verifying you. This will speed up the process and allow you to visit my cozy in call.

Q: Will you email me more photos?

A: I have put my face all over the web and feel that you have many different looks provided in the photos on this site. I will also be adding a selfie section and will be doing four photo shoots throughout the year. I will be also adding a V.I.P section for those who see me as a special Thank You. So please don't ask! Also please don’t send me lewd pictures of yourself. It is distasteful, offensive and crude. And leads me to believe you are not a true gentleman.

Q: Are your rates Negotiable?

A: No! I choose to be in the company of gentlemen, who would never insult, me with this question. And feel as though nobody asks you to change your wage so please respect that I don't like to discuss mine unless we are meeting for an overnight date or I have offered a special rate. My rates are posted on this site. I understand that there is competition and other ladies have lower rates I base my rates on what I have to offer.  I am an independent for a reason....

Q: Can we just meet for a few minutes before I schedule an introduction or can we just go to Coffee, Lunch or Dinner?

A: Yes, my Meet and Greet and Social Rates are posted as well. If you choose to try and convince me of why I meet you somewhere without respecting my wishes, this will tell me two things. First you are unsure and not serious about meeting me and my terms for an introduction do not fit in you budget. I prefer to only remain in the company of gentlemen who are sure of what they desire and believe in treating people fairly. While I always share a fond affection for my patrons, I think if you know me you will have no problem with compensating me for my time. I do get compensated for my time and company after all it is how I take care of myself. No one likes to feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Q: What is my definition of a true GFE?

A: I think we all have different definitions of GFE. This is my spin I like to sit and chat a bit and get to know you. If this is a first meeting please don't rush me I enjoy my time with everybody if you are in a hurry I am not your girl as I like to take my time and get to know you and Vice Versa. If we are out on the town or having dinner or cocktails you can expect that I am all yours while we are together. If I am with you, this is because I made a choice to be with you and your friendship is important to me. I provide quality companionship to gentlemen who are respectful and know how to treat a lady. I believe in making a great lasting impression, providing a memorable and long term friendship. I am a girlfriend without the demands and expectations. I try to always be there when you need me and I don't ask why when you’re not there. I will be there when you need me and I will be absent when it is required. This does not include any unsafe activities that could be harmful to my health or yours.

Q: Do you expect Tips and or Gifts?

A: Tipping and or gifts are nice gestures of appreciation, as I have kept the terms of our arrangement fair. This does not mean this is required or expected, but it always makes me smile, when one thinks about a little something extra. On this website there will be a link to some of the things I enjoy or would love to have.

Q: Will You See My Wife And Me?

A: I would Love to see you and your wife!!!! I love couples but have very specific rules about couples. I don't enjoy drama so make sure that your partner is comfortable and never push someone into things that they aren't comfortable with. I don't enjoy myself when it’s no fun so please don't contact me unless you’re serious.....

Q: What are some of your best Qualities?

A: My warmth, compassion and kindness and loyalty. I love to feel like I made someone a little happier. If you become a friend of mine, there probably is nothing I would not do to try to please you. Real beauty is inside. Some women have physical beauty, some are beautiful inside and some are blessed with both. I also have an intense passion for life and for living it. I love to talk and enjoy a good banter. I have a great sense of humor! I am passionate about things I believe in! I am a wonderful listener, and extremely affectionate. I will go out of my way to make sure you are happy! I have a very outgoing personality so don’t be surprised when we meet.

Q: I will be in town on extended business, and would love to spend the weekend with you?

A: I will not schedule this amount of time with someone I have not met. Once there has been an initial introduction, we could discuss the possibility of an extended visit. I love to take my time to get to know someone. Planning an extended amount of time to spend with someone is much nicer once you know you are compatible. Scheduling lengthy appointments can be somewhat difficult so it’s easier if I am given time to prepare and make arrangements.

Q: Why did you hang up when I asked if you wanted to party?

A: I am a mature 37 year old woman, who chooses to stay clear of things that cause premature aging and problems. I will not tolerate drugs or an excessive amount of alcohol. I am a nondrinker for the most part, on occasion I might have a glass of White Zinfandel or a Light Vodka Drink. Please don't bring anything that will put us in any danger. But no worries I will have a variety of refreshments. I would not like to be put into an uncomfortable situation and I won't put you into one myself.

Q: What can I do to make sure our time together is pleasant for you?

A: I only request that you are a true gentleman and always respectful. Please be clean take a shower and brush your teeth. If you need to do so when you arrive please let me know. I will place the same high standards on you that I hold myself to. Always do unto others as you want done to you. Don’t worry about me and what you can do for me I have no problem asking for what I need.

Q: Can I ask you to wear something special?

A: I love when you tell me, what you might like to see me wear. My attire is something stylish, classy and slightly sexy, if I am able to accommodate your request I will do my best with what I have. If it is something specific that you want please consider buying the Item I am happy to give my sizes to fullfill your fantasy.



"The Question isn't,' What do we want to know about people?', It's,' What do people want to tell about themselves?"

                                                                                      - Mark Zuckerberg