Please Read the following carefully to avoid any uneasiness between us. I have done a lot of thinking about what makes me feel comfortable and how I desire our time together. More than likely we will both agree on how we ebb and flow. Obviously, this is not an exact science nor would I want it to be. Setting boundaries will ensure you and I a relaxed and enjoyable time spent together.



We all have limits and boundaries. I will respect yours and ask for the same respect..

No weapons of any kind… If at any point I see something that I consider to be harmful. You will be asked to put it into a safe until our session has concluded. At which time I will open the safe and return your item.



  • (Disclaimer) Since I will likely host your visit with me I will have my own protection for my own safety.. If at anytime I feel I am in danger, I will ask only one time, the second time you will be asked to leave and no refund will be given.

No Drugs… I do not tolerate the use of  drugs at my incall. Nor am I a drug dealer. Do not ask me for party favors or something that will compromise your health and safety.

Please leave your Cell Phone in your car if you are not comfortable with leaving it in your car. I ask that you leave the phone in your pocket on AirPlane Mode or turned completely off. When I am spending time with you my phone will also be placed on AirPlane Mode.


  • (Disclaimer) If I find that I am being recorded at either your location or at my incall. I will ask you to leave or will leave your location. Before either happens I will ask for you to erase all incriminating information. And don't think you can get away with it I will ask you to turn off your phone or place it where I can see it. This has happened very few times and those who were caught were immediately BLACKLISTED. And I put out a warning to all the other ladies.

When you arrive to my incall I will expect the donation to be placed on the chair against the wall closest to the bed. If I am coming to your location I ask that the donation is placed in an envelope on the counter in your bathroom. I will check the donation before as a precaution to insure that the donation is correct.

Please be kind and courteous. Do unto to others the way you want to be treated. I live by that motto, You get what you put out there. I will treat you how you treat me….

I ask for discretion I do not want your problems to become mine. In the event that your significant other contacts me. I will defuse the situation, Please be prepared if and when you might  be  confronted.  I will give a story, and give you a heads up. I do not have the time nor the need for any type of drama in my life. I do not spill your secrets so I ask you to do the same.

This is one of my pet peeves, is being asked what happens with other gentlemen. My focus is on you and you only . As you ask for anonymity I am bound to protect others privacy as well as yours.

My other pet peeve is gossip about other providers it doesn't matter to me what someone else says about me. First I must be pretty important if she is talking about me. And Second if you choose to listen to it you don't know what you perhaps could be missing out on. I know there are stories about me but ask me. I'm pretty honest about what has been said. My Reviews speak for themselves with that being said competition in this business can be very cutthroat people will lie to keep the money in their pockets. I am very reference friendly