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Reviewer: Paul MT Montana,

Details: Wow she's adorable! What a dream girl to be able to spend quality time with, eh?

Reviewer: The Doctor,

Details: I have had several "meetings" with Leila. She is so good that I now arrange my travel when going to the West Coast through Sacramento just to have time with her. One of a kind and never disappointed...

Reviewer: The Coin Man,

Details: Guys: If you are on her site now trying to determine if she is the one that you really want to spend an hour or more with, I am here to say that she is MORE than worth it. She does not rush you, she makes you feel that you are king of the world, and she is EXTREMELY attractive - VERY easy on the eyes. If you have seen her before, then I am sure you agree.

Reviewer: Mr.NiceGuy,

Details: Let's see, I guess I am up to about a dozen visits with Nikki - that says a lot of the type of gal she is. She saw me with very little notice, and believe me it was worth seeing her. As you can see from the pics, she is an extremely attractive woman with a body that is beyond words. To be able to spend time with her is priceless! Love ya Nikki! DC


Reviewer: Mr.Italy,

Details: This lady is simply amazing. If you have not spent time with her, you truly do not know what you are missing. So many are the type that just want to get it over with and done, not her. If you appreciate a good conversation with a truly beautiful person from both the inside AND outside, then look no further. Oh, and did I forget that she is drop dead gorgeous and loves what she does??

Reviewer: World Traveler,

Details: Gentlemen if you have not spent time with Nikki, you simply do not know what you are missing. She loves what she does, she does it very well, she always makes me feel wonderful. Her fun personality is contagious! She has a smokin' hot body, and she knows how to use it!

Reviewer: The Bald Dude,

Details: This gem of a lady really cares about people and does what she can to make the time with her well worth it. She doesn't rush you, she loves to talk, and in my opinion has the best body that I have ever seen before. I have spent time with her twice now, and am already trying to determine a time when I can see her again. Luv ya Nikki!

Reviewer: Darin,

Details: Nikki is a top rate lady, really enjoyed my time with her. I was probably pretty boring for her, but she made me feel like king of the world. It was a last minute appt, she was very flexible. I will, without a doubt, schedule with her again.

Reviewer: Luckycharms,

Details: After visiting twice I am still blown away by how good looking Nikki is with a body that gives her face and drop dead gorgeous eyes a run for their money. WOW! Very hot, sexxy, sensual, and just plain fun. A very special lady and an amazing woman who will light up any room or man. Thank You Nikki. Be safe and see you soon.

Reviewer: Doug,

Details: My second time with Nikki. I had a great time! Definitley better than last because all that nervous energy was gone from the first time. It was like seeing a old friend (with benefits). Love the way she kisses (really hot)!


Reviewer: AndySLC,

Details: I have seen Nikki twice and she completely fulfilled all my expectations. She really is a true gfe. I will continue to see her often. She completely satisfies your utmost desires.


Reviewer: TomofSLC,

Details: Nikki LOVE the new photos! Guys, she is sweet, full of energy and a breath of fresh air! Don't hesitate to call her!

Reviewer: Savage,

Details: Cannot wait until you make your return trip to So. Cal.

Reviewer: Andy,

Details: Wow! I've seen Nikki twice now and she still amazes me with her hot body and great personality. Will see again soon. Thanks darlin.


Reviewer: AndyNV,

Details: Nikki is great! She is warm, friendly and absolutely loves her job. Her looks and body are even better in person. Definitely worth your time to see her!!

Reviewer: Helena Tim,

Details: Nikki is as close to perfect as I have seen. It was an absolute delight just talking to her. She is a very, very special lady, who enjoys what she does. I hope to see a lot more of her


Reviewer: Mike,

Details: Great time was had by all. She is a beautiful person inside and out. Great body and am planning on seeing her again soon.

Reviewer: RR3,

Details: Nikki is a great lady and a lot better in person. Look forward to spending more time with her in the future. Really hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Reviewer: Tom the Traveler,

Details: Double "K" Wow, wonderful, fun and a great trip! Thanks! So easy to be with and never a dull moment! Mother Nature and chance were with us. I felt that the experience was a quality and not rushed and we were ever present with each other. Thanks! See you Soon!! XOXO


Reviewer: SoccerFreak,

Details: WOW!!!! You surely know how to teach a new guy!! Nikki is F****** amazing!! Thanks Love!! SF

Reviewer: Keith,

Details: Nikki, My time spent with you in the OC was amazing if your looking for a girl who enjoys her time with you Nikki is the girl to call hope you visit soon


Reviewer: Doug Idaho,

Details: Have not seen Nikki in a couple years. She looks even hotter now if that can be possible planning a trip to see her soon, thx darlin Nikki Thank you! Every minute I am able to spend with you is priceless! You made my day just that much better by just allowing me to spend part of it with you.

Reviewer: GWNMT,

Details: Nikki, Please keep in touch


Reviewer: Sdrookie,

Details: Nikki When are you going to come back to So Cal? Your are truly a once in a lifetime experience. Hope to meet you again someday.

Reviewer: Chef Dug,

Details: Just got to let all the lookie leus know. This LADY is a GEM. Great fun, personality and TALENTS. She is a true friend when it comes to GFE experience


Reviewer: Alan of Utah,

Details: Nikki and I are planning something new for her. I am going to make sure that she enjoys it as much as I know I will. At first Nikki had some reservations about this new experience, but she quickly overcame them. Nikki, thank you for giving! me another chance

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