* This is extremely important for me to communicate with each couple. If your partner is pushed into this experience it has consequences that can test your relationship and perhaps create problems. I think it smart to talk to your partner about this and it is not just spur of the moment decision. If you feel as though you need to be extremely intoxicated with substances that impair some kind of clear thought.I will take 150.00 Cancellation Fee and I will not consider meeting again. I arrive completely Sober and don't mind of having a glass of wine with you both but I will not engage in getting drunk with you. I suggest that you both sit down and read my website together so you both can decide if this is what you both want. I am completely comfortable with couples, I just want to ensure that everybody is on board.



I have very specific Rules and Boundaries............. I am happy to discuss these after I am able to Verify that I feel I am safe being with you as a couple. These meetings are based on trust and respect between three people and everyone must be comfortable. I don't record any of my sessions please respect this. If any type of drama arises and I feel unsafe I will immediately leave there will be no refund.

My Rate is 700 for two hours. I am firm on two hours  for the first block of my time spent with you both. From experience I suggest a minimum of Three Hours. I am not saying this to try and make more money. I say this based on what I said above this is again is about  trust which is huge in this experience. For each additional hour - 200other arrangements can be made based on requested time. This is for appointments lasting more than 2 Hours.

"Ideally, couples need three lives; One for him, one for her and one for them together."                                    -Jaqueline Bisset-