Welcome, Let Me Introduce Myself…

-A Brief Introduction-


 Welcome to my little home on the web! Let me introduce myself my name is Nikki Mancini. Let me tell you a little about myself. I am originally from Utah, I look at my age as I am thirty-six years young! With soft, smooth, caramel kissed skin. I am a mix of African-American and Italian, so I am naturally full of spirit! Dark brown eyes with pink pouty lips that I love to be kissed. Shoulder length rich mocha hair, it can be curly and wild or smooth and straight depending on my mood. A naturally slim body with a large natural bust. I enjoy getting to know people so don't be surprised if we engage in small talk so we are comfortable with one another. I want to make sure you have an enjoyable experience with someone you can relax and be comfortable with. I find it extremely sexy when a man can stimulate my mind and body. Being highly reviewed on The Erotic Review (#66203) is extremely important to me. This ensures that you are getting a memorable experience. Being in the company of someone special, who is courteous and respectful  leads to a sensual and fun experience!

If you prefer for me to come to your location please respect and understand that there is a increase in my rate. I prefer that you use my contact page or email to introduce yourself. I do not like to text to book appointments or to answer questions. I have provided a whole page dedicated to questions. I also provide the option to submit questions. No question is too dumb and could end up helping someone else. I only answer unblocked calls, so if you are calling please unblock your phone number. More often than not I will not be available pick up the phone. When I am available, I will contact you with a text and will provide a time that works for both of us. I am very discrete and with that discretion I am often around a group where communication is limited. I don't like to discuss my rates as they are posted on this website. Nor will I provide details of what will happen when we meet.

I ask when you contact me that you act like a Gentleman this means no crude or demeaning language. I also ask that you DO NOT send me pictures that are in poor taste. If at anytime I feel that my safety is at risk rather physically or verbally I will stop any further communication with you. If this happens at anytime during our appointment I will ask you to leave or remove myself. DO NOT ask me to provide Party Favors or ask me to participate!  I reserve the right to keep the donation or return a portion of it. I always check references for my safety. If you have been contacted by the provider I used to verify you, and she offers you a discounted rate to book with her. I will blacklist you and will no longer entertain the idea of spending my time with you. If it is that easy for you to change your mind based on money, I was not the woman you were looking to see. I look forward to meeting you and having the honor of spending time with you.